Il mio vicino di casa…Totoro! ~ 私の隣の…トトロ

I have been a fan of Miyazaki and his characters since I started to be interested in Japan years and years ago. My favorite was Totoro. That big friendly kind of bear with big teeth, not for eating better but for smiling better, always came to my mind as guardian of nature and human beings. I couldn’t never imagine that one day I would meet him for real, and that I would live not far from his “house” and even more, I couldn’t imagine that it would be in Tokyo.

From the last six months, in the rush of every day, no matter what would happen, the first “good morning” I say is to Totoro. My silent unchanging friend would be at the same place at every time, waiting for me and other thousands people who came to visit his world.

This is the Tokyo where I found a refuge from the no more unreal caos of a city that never sleeps. 


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Japan, matcha, animals, nature, photo lover. Curiosa del mondo presente, passato e futuro


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